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<> Charles Dunn
Stanley Byrd-Mt. Sterling, KY
Tommy Gill
Stanley Bird -London, KY
David and Christopher Cole
Patrick Sebastian
Wayne Hixon
Cleo Hobbs
Ma Hayden
Allen "Pappy"Hayden
Charlotte Poynter
Stabley Byrd
Judy Tingle
Bobby Cambell
Scott Hayden
Jamie Blair
Mary Barker
Betty Williams

Melvin Satterly
Essie Mae Napier(DJ's Mother)
William Bill Napier(Brother)
Kenny Nichols
Larry Dishon
David Means
Billie Canter
Walter Toles
Gene Jefferies
Glenda Meyer
Delbert Mullins
Wayne Crawley
Justin Gabbard
Jesse Wafford
Junior Mills
Randy Brookes
Brenda  Renaker
Michael Hobbs
William Bentley
Larry Lizer
Paul King
Lewis Gibson
Bill Moore
Paul King
Lois Dixon
Keith Tucker
William Ownen Moore
James Earl Walls
Boone Florence
Nelson Crismon
Rex Phillips
James Gaddis
Paul "Man" Stewart 
Ronnie Rose
Josh Botts
Norman Roberts Picture

David Lay
Ted Gibson  Picture..2009
Bennie Wells  2009
Glenn McFarland 2009
                                  Chester Snowden Picture taken Aug., 2009
Jerry Lamb
                                                      Harold P PrewittPiciture taken September 19th, 2010
                          Gary Richey  Gray Richey-Mustang
                                                         Larry Brewer  Picture taken at Corn Festival 2010   
Keith Isaacs Feb. 20, 2011
Tom Bernardi     February, 2011 
Jenny Tackett, May 26, 2011 Picture
Garrett Rice 2011
James Stephens 2011
Robert Sparks Nov. 30, 2011 Picture
Paul Jones-December 23, 2011  Picture
Sue Bigelow March 28, 2012 Sue Bigelow
Sharon Floyd-January 24, 2013
Dave Fisher- April 30, 2013
Doris Settles- July 11, 2013
Jerry Smith-Dari Delite-2013
Melvin Banard- Sept 11th, 2013
Bill Browning-October, 2013
David Spoonamoore- 2014   Picture
Jerry Niceley- April 27, 2014
Cowboy- May 24, 2014  Cowboy at Battlefield Park in 2011
Marge Rhodes-Fellow entertainer from Nashville
Ray Meiners- May 22, 2014
Pat Barrett
Petra Pedderson 6-12-14  Picture
Larry Conley  Larry Conley Chatting with Chip
Dan Wisemen 9-24-2015  Dan J. Wisman
Donna Medlock 10-11-15  Donna's Picture
William "Butch" Ramsey
Paul Switzer 5-2-2016
Tommy Brisco
Greg Binoion January 11th, 2017
Art Bigelow April 11th, 2017
Harrison Barrett October, 2017
Carl Pedderson March 13th, 2017  
Carl and Pet
Keith Singleton
Greg VanWinkle
George Rusty Brown LITTLE GTO June 20th, 2019
Ruth Byrd-Hillbilly Cruisers-Hillbilly Cruisers August 10th, 2019
Keith Singleton
Greg VanWinkle
Ruth Byrd
Wilma Kelley November 2020



Walking on our special path
A covered bridge I see
Filled with cobwebs and sweet times 
Love's precious memories 

 Wildflowers held within my hand 
Love was at first sight
Touched by beauty on this day
My eyes filled with delight 

Happiness will follow me 
Each day that I will live 
Bring me back to days of love 
Such passion held captive 

Here's where I'm supposed to be 
Wrapped within his soul
Smiling at the beauty of
This dream that life unfolds 

Gentle breezes follow me
Scattered in the wind 
Yearning for the days of love 
My heart had to rescind

Here I wait on covered bridge
With precious memories
Keeping treasures in my heart 
That last eternally

See my message in the wind
Scattered in the breeze
Whispers heard within your heart
Our love no boundaries

I'll be here when you return
Wildflowers in my hair
Reaching out to hold you close
My love for you a prayer. 

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Poem ©used with permission
 Fracine Pucillo

Let us know when you cruise by....


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(Found on the Web) - The meaning of a rose:

A red rose means respect, unconscious beauty, courage and "I love you".

A yellow rose means gladness, joy, friendship and "you're in my thoughts".

A pink rose means grace, admiration, thank you and "you're lovely"

  A white rose means purity, innocence, secrecy, silence and "you're  heavenly".



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