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Charlie Napier

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Kentucky Car Shows 

Car Shows
Bringing back a few memories from
Kentucky Car Shows

Jason Crabb 2018 KMHOF Inductee
Dale Ann Bradley 2018 KMHOF Inductee
Jackie DeShannon 2018 KMHOF Inductee
Bobby Lewis 2018 KMHOF Inductee

Cruisin Buddy 2016 Robert Sewell

Pete Stamper 2015 KMHOF
Kevin Richardson-Backstreet Boys KMHOF
Clarence Spaldin 2015 KMHOF
Montgomery Gentry 2015 KMHOF
Halfway to Hazard 2015

Renfro 75th Anniversary-My stay 1972-1987
Crusing Buddy of the year
Honoring the Veterans
Eddie Montgomery will be inducted April 2015
Best One Day Show-Olympics Mt. Sterling

Eddie show
Internet Best of Show
Crusin Buddy 2013
Induction-Old Joe Clark
2013 Group of Inductees
Induction-Emory & Linda Lou Martin
Induction-The Hilltoppers
Induction-The Kentucky Headhunters
Keith Anderson
Steve Warnier-Former Inductee

Cruisin Buddy Kevin and Sally Smith
Internet Best of Show
Exile-KMHOF Inductee
Old Joe Clark-KMHOF Inductee
Kentucky Head Hunters
Linda Lou & Emery Martin-KMHOF Inductees
Legends Emcee-Keith Elkins

From 1980..dug out by Willie Hines
Spring In Renfro Valley
2011 KMHOF Steve Warnier
2011 KMHOF Lorrie Morgan(Keith Whitley)
Jesse Keith Whitley(Son)
2011 KMHOF Larnel Harris
2011 KMHOF John M. Montgomery
2011 KMHOF Melvin Goins
2011 KMHOF Patty Loveless
Chatted With Tom T. Hall
Crusin Buddy of 2011-Chuck Hinkle

Global Warming or Ice Age
Big Snow in Crab Orchard, KY
Hairy  Canary
Cruisn Buddy of 2010
Veteran Salute #1
Veteran Salute  #2
Internet Best of Show
Alaska Vacation-Hubbard Glacier
Congressman Harold Rogers at UNITE Program
Heather French Henry-Veteran Salute Nov. 11th

Kona, Hawaii
Loa Needle Valley
Kaua Rainbow Falls
Kilauea Caldera, Hawaii
Ashley Smith Robinson-Unlikely Angel
Tornado at My House-April 09
Mt. Vernon Signal Covers Show For Band
Former Student-Martial Arts Master Eric Bullokc
Cornhole Champs on Windy Hill
Good Help in Stanton
Saying Goodbye to Old Trailer
First Ever Cruise In Mt. Vernon
Internet Best of Show 2009-Carroll Rousey-1954 Ford
Buddy Badge Winner of 2009...White
Cruisers of 2009-Paul & Earl Jackson
Club an Renfro Valley-Central KY Cruisers
Cruise In The Valley Show breaks 600
Pete Stamper(Started me in Radio)MV Parade Grand Marshal
WRVK History Interview
Richard Birney-My Friend.
Crystal Gail 08 Inductee at KMHOF
Dwight Yoakam 08 Inductee at KMHOF
Pete Stamper 08 KBA Inductee
Miss Kentucky-Kaitlynne Postel @ RCHS
Gift of Love
Internet Best of Show
Crusier of the Year
Boogie National Record Set 1039
Cruise In Valley Veterans 1
Cruise In Valley Veterans 2       
Cruise In Valley Veterans 3   
Cruise In The Valley Record Show 08
Crusin Badge 08 Winner-Palmer Hatton

Be My Valentine
Govenor Interview March, 2007
Jeff Cook Interview-Alabama
Alan Jackson's Car
Oak Ridge Boys-Renfro Valley
Miss Kentucky Interview
Year Of DJ Mustang
Cancun, Mexico
Internet Best of Show 2007
Record Boogie Nationals:917
Crusin Buddy of 2007
Cruise In The Valley-525
Cruise In Valley- Veteran Salute-1
Cruise In Valley-Veteran Salute-2
Auto Round Up Story

Buddy of the Year 2004

Best of the Web 2004 - Palmer Hatton

To Charlie, from Palmer Hatton (printed by permission) ...
I am very appreciative of the award that my wife and I received at the Boonesboro show.  There were many people deserving of this and we feel very privileged for being selected.   My wife and I are Christians we believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings and I know you believe the same.   I have a message I would like to share with you and I believe it is true. The first tragedy in our life we lost our three year old grandson to cancer and we were rewarded with four beautiful healthy grandchildren.

The second tragedy we had was the lost of my father in May of 2003 to a lung disease that he had for fifteen plus years. He was a farmer and doctors fill that chemicals caused this illness. I would visit my parent's two times weekly and still visit my mother the same. My father was very interested in my truck, several part's on this truck came from his father's truck which was my grandfather. He would have loved to rode in it but his health was failing. He would always ask about my winning's and keep a count of them, I would always take them by for him to see, that would make his day.   Charlie this truck has won some disbelieving awards this year and I believe someone above has a hand in it.

I am thankful for all the lives you touch in your business
and the great person you and your wife are.

Your Friend,
 Palmer Hatton

August 28, 2004 Brad Alford
November 6, 2004 1st Cruise In The Valley
Crusin Buddy Badge Winner 2004 Geneva Jones
Crusin Buddy of 2004- Charlie Richardson
Internet Best of Show 2004-Palmer Hatton

August 17, 2003 - Charlie (DJ) & Josh Turner

 Best of the Web 2003 - Carroll Rousey of Junction City, KY

  Nelson Crismon Buddy of the Year 2002
 Best of the Web 2002


  Cruisin' Buddy of the Year 2001
 View the 2001 Guestbook
 Best of the Web 2001
 Cruisin' Buddy Shirts 2001
 The Dream Factory and Lane's Dream
 Our Country in Terror, September 11, 2001

 Cruisin' Buddy of the Year 2000
View the 2000 Guestbook
 Best of the Web 2000
 Back to the Past 2000
 Ted Gibson has all the Cruisin' Buddy Badges!
Coach Joe B. Hall
WildCat Reunion
KY WildCat
KY Wildcat
Ky Wildcat


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All rights reserved
© 2000-2021
Kentucky Car Shows

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