Brodhead Tigers:Class of 1967

This page is dedicated to the Brodhead Alumni and the class of 67 which I graduated from Brodhead High School. We all really enjoyed our reunion.  As we left this event, I noted to my wife that we really were a very good group of young people and still were.  When I graduated in 1967, I really didn't know if I could ever succeed in life.  What I had learned in School and at home proved me very wrong.  For all those wonderuful people who influenced us most, we are eternally grateful.  Favorite gradeschool teacher was Mildred Randolph, favorite high school teachers were Barbara Owens, Albert Albright, Cathy Cheatum, and my beloved counselor Jean Gentry.  God bless her for giving a poor child the chance to succeed.  Teachers are without a doubt the most important influence outside the home we have.
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Reunion of 2007
My sister in law in the left of this picture received an award for longest distance from California.  In the center is my sister Amanda Bray from Nashville, TN who also came in for her class reunion.  Several classes were represented at the former Brodhead High School.
Reunion of 2007
Wow, after 40 years, I was a little bit tranquil tonight.  There was 29 of us who came from all around the country.  A group that accomplished alot in their lifetimes.  Hard workers, who gave life their best.  I was excited to join the past and look at the future of the class of 1967.  We were about making a difference in our world and worked hard to get ur done.  As you get older, you realize what impact you may have had on life.  Tonight, I realized that the class of 1967 stayed the course of Get UrDone.  To my classmates, I'm proud to have been in class with you and proud of what you accomplished.
 Class ReUnions Brodhead School has been the home of the Brodhead Alumni for the past 40 years.  This year classmates from 27, 32, 37, 42, 47, 52, 57, 62, 67, and 72 were recognized. 
 Class Reunion As classmates came from all over the country, we appreciated Caroline Graves as host school, and the young people who came to serve us.  The food was delicious.  Thanks Wanda Carol and staff.
 Alumni Superintendant  Biege Towery Jr., who was a visionary superintendent that begin to lead our school system to be one of the best in the country today, made opening comments.  Thanks Biege for a job well done.
 Charlie's Angels Sue, Roberta, Charlie, Mava, and Sandra were very close friends in high school. 
 Friends Mava and Sue were among the best of friends and remain so today...
 Class of 67 Our class had just over thirty.  We regretable lost Wayne Chaney in Viet Nam, Linda Cummins in a automobile accident, and Dallas Hopkins to an accident.  The rest couldn't be with us this meeting for various reasons.  So here's who's in attendance. Top row:Charles J., Claudia, Larry, Sandra, Roberta, Randal, Thelma, Marlyn, Sue, David--Bottom:Perry, Charlie N., and Mava.
 Today's Principal Table of 67....The Principal of Brodhead Elementary had dinner with out class of 67. Caroline Graves is on the left, in Yellow.  
 Table of 67 Yes, it is the table's turn to be recognized.  It is the year of 1967.......!
 Eating` We were served by the students of Rockcastle grade and high school.  We want to thank them so much for being so kind.  The Brodhead Elementary Students took us on tours of the new Multimillion dollar complex.  It is state of the art and beautiful.  The students kept us focused by moving us along when were got all grouped up and started talking.
 Claudia & Tony I suppose everybody had someone in school new to your class that just distracted everyone.  Well it wasn't Tony.  It was Tony's wife Claudia who came in new, with beautiuful blond hair and blue eyes, and she just had to sit across from me in biology.  You know what all you study in biology............
 My Wife My wife really enjoyed this evening.  She took most of the pictures for us.  Thanks Darling!  As you can see, she is a very modest woman when the camera is turned on her.
 4th Grade Can you find Charlie Napier in this photograph?  It was took, I think, in 1958...Almost to long to remember.


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